Hein van Hout


Over Hein van Hout

Hein van Hout, MPsy, MPhil, PhD is professor affiliated at the Departments of General Practice & Elderly Care Medicine, Amsterdam Public Health Institute, of the VU University medical center Amsterdam. His aims to contribute to independence, quality of life and quality of care of vulnerable older persons and their close relatives. He chairs a research group on primary care geriatrics.

He engages with academic workplaces that aim to improve quality of life of older persons through evidence based quality care: NEDRAI, ANHA, UNO Amsterdam, Ben Sajet Center.

He is board member of interRAI a collaborative network in over thirty countries committed to improving quality of life for vulnerable persons by evidenceinformed clinical practice and policy decision making. He is member of INTERDEM the world’s largest expert network on timely diagnosis and psychosocial interventions for persons with dementia and their relatives.

He published over 180 international peer reviewed papers (Google scholar Hindex=53). He coordinated large multinational studies: IBenC on quality and cost of home care, and the PACE trial to improve palliative care in residential homes, and I-CARE4OLD on improving prognostics of older persons with chronic complex conditions.

Grants and supervision
Prof Van Hout acquired over 21 mln Euros of research funding, including
prestigious EU grants. He supervises 25 PhDs trajectories (17 completed) and 2
Selected publication
•Klunder JH … van Hout HPJ. Predicting unplanned hospital visits in older
home care recipients: a cross-country external validation study. BMC Geriatr.
2021 Oct 14;21(1):551
•van Lier LI … van Hout HP. Benchmarking European Home Care Models for
Older Persons on Societal Costs: The IBenC Study. Health Serv Insights.
2021 Jun 21;14:11786329211022441.
•Joling KJ … van Hout HPJ.Time from diagnosis to institutionalization and
death in people with dementia. Alzheimers Dement. 2020 Feb 18.
•Van den Block L … , van Hout H PACE trial group. Evaluation of a Palliative
Care Program for Nursing Homes in 7 Countries: The PACE ClusterRandomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Int Med. 2019 11:1-10.
•van’t Veer-Tazelaar PJ, … van Hout HP, …. Stepped-care prevention of anxiety
and depression in late life: a randomized controlled trial. Arch Gen
Psychiatry. 2009 ;66:297-304.
•MacNeil Vroomen J, …. van Hout HP. Community-dwelling patients with
dementia and their informal caregivers with and without case management: Two year
outcomes of a pragmatic trial. JAMDA 2015.
•Hoogendijk EO, ….van Hout HP. The identification of frail older adults in primary
care: comparing the accuracy of five simple instruments. Age Ageing. 2012
Oct 28.
•Boorsma M…van Hout H. Effects of multidisciplinary integrated care on quality of
care in residential care facilities for elderly people: a cluster randomized trial.

At home Together with his partner he raises three children, likes to be physically active in
tennis, race biking and plays saxophones.